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Denver ranked best city in U.S. for thrifting

Denver takes top spot for thrifting
Denver takes top spot for thrifting 00:20

Denver is one of the best cities for thrifting, according to a new survey.

It was ranked one of the best cities on Storage Cafe, a website devoted to finding storage units and other helpful resources for living, moving or downsizing where you live.

The Denver-Aurora-Lakewood area got high marks for the number of thrift stores in relation to the city's population and number of Google searches related to thrifting per household.

Storage Cafe says shoppers can find a lot of treasures, from furniture and home goods to clothing.

"Denver and Portland are a vintage lover's paradise and so is Austin," the site's blog post reads. "This popular pastime perfectly complements the local cultural diversity and friendly atmosphere of these cities. In New York City you have the most thrift shops overall, but keep in mind you'll have to battle tons of like-minded thrifting fans."

The Denver and Seattle areas beat out other thrift shopping hot spots in the U.S.

"There are more than 190 resale stores in Denver, a figure that translates into 6.6 thrifting venues per 100,000 locals, well above the national average of 4.8 resale stores per 100,000 people," Storage Cafe said. "Moreover, approximately a third of resale venues are large stores with plenty of options, giving Denverites an excellent chance at finding pre-loved items. With an average of $190 in secondhand sales/household annually, Denver also soars above most cities on our list for secondhand-related expenditures."

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