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Denver police officer continues recovery after he was shot in the neck

Denver police officer continues recovery after he was shot in the neck
Denver police officer continues recovery after he was shot in the neck 02:20

Denver police have not released the name of one of their own after he was shot while pursuing a homicide suspect in Broomfield on Thursday. The department says he is a member of the fugitive unit and has been on the force for 21 years.


He was shot in the neck while pursuing the suspect in a normally quiet Broomfield neighborhood.

It was their dogs that alerted the McGees to the drama outside. Bill McGee has been trying to keep them from "overreacting.

"Normally my message is, 'don't bark unless there's somebody out there with a gun.' This time there was."

At Sheridan and Midway what was taking place was a scene more likely to play out on TV. Denver police pursuing a fugitive who crashed his car into another.


Broomfield police spokeswoman Rachel Haslett said, "The suspect got out of the vehicle which was the white car after each panel and attempted to carjack a certain vehicle with somebody inside it."

The suspect then ran and began firing, according to Broomfield police. An officer returned fire, killing the man wanted for murder. How it all came down is being investigated.

Lisa McGee pointed out the locations, "The gray car, that of the carjacking victim, was on the other side of the road straight past the stop sign."

She heard the gunshots. Her husband told her to go to the basement, but then it became quiet.

"By the time we ran upstairs and looked out the window, the suspect was down. My husband saw him go down."

The couple praised the Denver and Broomfield police for their quick action in the most dangerous situation. The suspect has still not been publicly identified nor has the murder for which he was being pursued.


The unidentified police officer is recovering at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette.

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