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Denver Health Gets 2 Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers For COVID-19 Vaccine From BP

DENVER (CBS4) -- Officials at Denver Health say they got "an incredible donation" to help with COVID-19 vaccinations. The energy company BP donated two ultra-low temperature freezers capable of storing the Pfizer vaccine.

freezers donated by bp to denver health credit denver health
(credit: Denver Health Foundation)

"As you might already know, the Pfizer vaccine requires storage at an extremely low temperature (-70 degrees Celsius, which is colder than winter in Antarctica)," Denver Health officials said on Facebook. "Moderna also requires special storage, but at -20 degrees Celsius."

It's not clear how many doses the freezers are capable of holding.

"BP had these freezers in storage and knew they could be put good use," officials stated.

BP donated the freezers and also paid for the transportation.

"Their generous gift meant that Denver Health could reallocate the funds that would have been spent on this purchase to other important needs," officials wrote.


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