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Denver Health CEO emphasizes importance of mammograms: "It was easy"

Denver Health CEO emphasizes importance of mammograms
Denver Health CEO emphasizes importance of mammograms 01:01

Denver Health is reminding women to get a mammogram and the hospital's CEO is showing how easy it is to get the screening. Donna Lynne let CBS News Colorado tag along for her mammogram appointment. 

She lost a best friend from childhood to breast cancer, which makes preventative care like mammograms so important to her. 


Breast cancer is the leading cancer among women but if detected early, it can be treated and save lives. 

"It was so fast, it was easy. I think the hardest part was holding my breath because you do have to hold your breath for a tiny bit but the tech was great, and I feel a lot of relief even though I haven't seen the results... that I took care of something that I delayed for a couple of years because of COVID," said Lynne.

Many people put off health care visits during the pandemic. Now, with enhanced safety protocols, Denver Health is urging patients to return for those important visits. 

Denver Health said they have many mammogram appointments available and it's easy to make one online.

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