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COVID In Colorado: Renewed Focus On Equity As More Children Qualify For Vaccines

FEDERAL HEIGHTS, Colo. (CBS4)- As the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines to children as young as five begins, there's a renewed focus on equity.

"It's really nice to have the clinic here just because they know us, they trust us," Chad Miller CEO of Pinnacle Charter School.

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The school will host a community clinic from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Nov. 19, with a focus on the area's minority population part of Colorado's Vaccine for All Program.

Dr. Oswaldo Grenardo, tri-chair for the Colorado Vaccine Equity task force says this is a welcome direction.

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"There have been lots of lessons learned about leading with equity making sure that those communities of color, those underserved groups are really getting the vaccine through community organizations, trusted providers and having that available when they are ready," Grenardo said.

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He says when it comes to children getting the vaccine, the effort needs to be focused on parents and making access work with family life.

"Where are the vaccines, how available are they and when can people get them if someone is working a job and can't get off, they are then faced with taking of time of work or getting a vaccine for their children, they will probably choose staying at work," Grenardo said.

Miller says a lot of thought went into their clinic with that need in mind.

"We got this down to a science with our families. We know we can catch a lot of families right at the end of the day at pickup. So, we have about 1,200 families that will come through this parking lot."

He's hopeful their relationships will lead to a successful clinic.

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"We are able to get that message out to our families and in fact, they spread that message to other families and then they just come they show up."

To find a clinic that is offering child vaccines you can start by visiting the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website.

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