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Colorado Springs LGBTQ club shooting suspect identifying as non-binary in court documents

Club Q shooting suspect identifies as non-binary in court documents
Club Q shooting suspect identifies as non-binary in court documents 01:59

The suspect in the shooting at Club Q, a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub, is now identifying as non-binary, according to court filings filed Tuesday.

"Anderson Aldrich is non-binary. They use they/them pronouns, and for the purposes of all formal filings, will be addressed as Mx. Aldrich," a footnote in a court filing reads.

A court document filed on behalf of the suspect in the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs shows they identify as non-binary as of Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022. 4th Judicial District

Every subsequent mention of the suspect uses the prefix, "Mx," a prefix commonly used by transgender, gender-nonconforming and nonbinary in place of Mr., Mrs. and Ms. Documents filed Monday, however, refer to the suspect with he/him pronouns.

A representative for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation says the current political climate makes a majority of transgender people and almost half of the entire LGBTQ community fear for their safety.

"As we wait for evidence and information to emerge, what we do know is that this violent and unspeakable crime, which clearly targeted LGBTQ people, illustrates two facts: One, the epidemic of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, especially anti-transgender rhetoric, is infecting every part of America, created by politicians in their crass drive for power, parroted by right-wing media outlets, and amplified by social media platforms who prioritize profits over public safety. And two: assault weapons continue to senselessly end American lives and we need common-sense gun safety reform now," said Tony Morrison, senior director of communications for GLAAD.

"In fact," Morrison continued, "newly released GLAAD polling now shows a worsening climate for LGBTQ people: 72% of transgender people and 48% of the LGBTQ community overall say that the current political environment makes them fear for their personal safety." 

The suspect in the Club Q shooting is being represented by the Public Defender's office.

The shooting occurred Saturday night into early Sunday morning, on the start of Transgender Remembrance Day, which honors transgender people who have been murdered.

The suspect is charged with five counts of murder and five counts of bias-motivated crimes.

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