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Colorado selling weed-themed license plates for disability funding

Nugget, hemp, reefer, grass; These are among 10 phrases phrases moving from the dispensary and snack-filled couch to the DMV. Ten lucky Coloradans can soon bring home official state license plates with words or phrases alluding to one of Colorado's favorite pastimes.

The Colorado Disability Funding Committee launched an auction for the rights to 10 license plates to raise money for programs intended to help people with disabilities. Since 2021, the yearly auction has raised almost $100,000.

"The Colorado Disability Funding Committee has been an incredible support to the many nonprofits and local partners statewide working to improve life and increase opportunities for Coloradans with disabilities," said Colorado Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera. "This auction continues to be a meaningful way to celebrate Colorado's cannabis industry while making an impact in the lives of others."

Those who place the winning bid on a personalized license plate can put it on their car now, sometime in the future or even sell that to someone else. There are four backgrounds to choose from if the winners don't want the state's standard green and white.

The state has been mulling the idea of custom license plates designed by residents, those that pay homage to its Chicano heritage, anniversaries and more. A number of custom license plate numbers also get rejected each year due to things like profanity.

Last year, the auction featured license plates reading "DANK" and "MJ" -- selling for $600 and $520, respectively. 

You can see all 10 designs and bid online at The bidding ends at 4:20 p.m. MST on April 27, 2024.

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