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Colorado Parole Board Member Forced Out

DENVER (CBS4) - Dr. Anthony Young, one of seven members of Colorado's Parole Board, has been forced out of his job after a television station investigation of Young's financial dealings outside of his government job.

"We became aware late Monday of issues related to Dr. Young's work at the Black American West Museum," said Eric Brown, a spokesperson for Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Brown said a staff member met with Young on Tuesday "to discuss those issues and ultimately asked Dr. Young to resign from his position on the parole board, and he did so."

The news report indicated Young may have been involved in financial improprieties regarding an employee at the museum.

Hickenlooper appointed Young to be chairperson of the parole board in 2011. Young was paid about $99,000 per year as chairman. But last year he was replaced as chairman in what was a pre-planned move but continued as a parole board member being paid $92,196 annually. His term was set to expire July 1, 2014.

Asked to elaborate on why Young was asked to leave, Brown said, "There is nothing more about the issues I can talk about given this is a personnel matter."

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