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Paddleboarders Stay Safe Distance From 'The Michael Phelps Of Moose' In Dillon Reservoir

SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - Jonathan Oetkin had seen moose in Summit County before, but not like this. Oetkin and his girlfriend paddleboarded on the Dillon Reservoir on Sunday when they saw the moose get in the water, and he started to swim.

CO_ SWIMMING WITH A MOOSE 6VO .transfer_frame_111
(credit: Jonathan Oetkin)

"He was an extremely strong swimmer. The Michael Phelps of moose," Oetkin said. "There were boats out there so we figured we would provide him an escort for the moose so no boats came up on him."

In Oetkin's video you can see several boats on Lake Dillon.

CO_ SWIMMING WITH A MOOSE 6VO .transfer_frame_433
(credit: Jonathan Oetkin)

"And it wasn't like he had a red flag on his head," said Oetkin.

He said they followed the moose at a safe distance, but made sure the animal got out of the water.


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