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CDOT Running Low On De-Icer

DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado Department of Transportation is doing their best to keep roads safe but there has been more snow and ice than usual so far and they are running low on Ice Slicer de-icer.

CDOT's snowplows are already on 12 hour routine shifts but the latest winter storm has them worried.

"The difference we are looking at is really the duration of this storm," said Amy Ford from CDOT.

The supply of Ice Slicer is running low and forcing crews to now use it on a "need to use only" basis.

"We are starting to run a little low on supply for this month," said Ford.

Ford said that supplies are ordered on historical averages and so far this winter has seen more storms than usual.

"We are using it as we can," said Ford.

Crews will still be able to treat roads as plows are equipped with the solid and liquid de-icer as well as sand.

"Really it's there to help with traction that is a very important piece of keeping these roads safe," said Ford.

They're also looking at moving the supplies they have around to make sure all highways get treated.

"We are continuing to look across the state and share with each other to make sure that we have the resources that we all need for each of our areas," said Ford

Although supplies are low, CDOT said they're confident they have what they need to last until new supplies come in.

"We really do expect to be able to make it through the storm with the supplies that we have," said Ford.

CDOT said they've ordered more supplies and should get them in stock by the end of the month.

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