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Colorado Doctor Pushes For COVID Vaccines In Hispanic Community

DENVER (CBS4) - As Colorado experiences another spike in COVID-19 cases, a Denver-based doctor, who's been working to educate his community for years, says rapidly spreading misinformation has people shying away from getting the vaccine.

"Since the vaccination campaign was started for COVID, unfortunately, the Hispanic population has not been responding well," Dr. Hector Frisbie told CBS4's Mekialaya White.

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Frisbie has been an ambassador since December of 2020 for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, educating the public in both English and Spanish. Now, he says getting vaccinated is more necessary than ever as cases are climbing back up, especially for young eligible children.

"That's why we have to enforce these efforts. Cases are growing with omicron which is more transmissible from one person to another," said Frisbie.

He's determined to spread facts to the Hispanic community.

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"Some people think if they get infected they will get natural immunity, and yes, only to one, not to all the variants and all to those coming. The vaccine protects against all the variants," he explained. He says the biggest concern for kids 5 years and older is long COVID, or "sequela."

"Twenty five percent of kids infected have problems like behavioral problems, sleeping, hair loss and other problems," Frisbie said. "We don't want all these kids with sequela to have disability and low quality of life and low life expectancy."

"So, you are urging kids of age to get the vaccine?" White asked.

"Absolutely," Frisbie replied without hesitation.

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