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Lack Of Rain & Snow Causing Coloradans To Consider Artificial Turf

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) - Spring has come, but the rain and snow have been scarce. Now more people are turning to alternatives to water hungry lawns.

At a home in Lakewood, several men were putting in a lawn. No grass seed, no fertilizer, no water or even sod necessary. It is artificial turf.

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Josh DeYoung is an owner of Perfect Turf who explains, "It really comes down to time, water and money. They want to save their weekends not mowing, they want to cut back on their water usage."

He says artificial turf has gotten so popular the back up is 5-6 weeks for installation. This job will cost about $5,000 and looks very real.

"Greatly improved. You mention artificial turf to most people think of old indoor, outdoor carpet. This looks quite natural compared to that."

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With the drought throughout the west, it's become a hot product. So hot, security video shows people stealing it in California. Some in Colorado have turned to rocks instead of grass, but lawns are still king, although Rue Hunter was watching her neighbor's turf installation with interest.

"When it becomes more for fertilizing, mowing, that sort of thing I can see where turf might be more useful," she said.

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DeYoung says Perfect Turf is installing it in 300 yards a year. Drought may be good for some businesses, "The water shortage is good, but I would trade a little bit of business for some rain," he said.

Some towns and districts in Colorado offer financial incentives to replace lawns with something that uses less water.


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