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Carnation Festival Parade brings smiles, extra police presence

Carnation Festival Parade brings smiles, extra police presence
Carnation Festival Parade brings smiles, extra police presence 02:10

At the annual Carnation Festival Parade in Wheat Ridge Saturday, there was a real sense of community. 

Especially for Ky and Naomi Gabriel and the rest of their family who came out to support one of their own. 

"(It's our) first time out. My grandma, her mom, great grandma and sister she's in the parade so we are here to see all the hard work they did on the float," said Naomi. 

"Mom is playing someone who fell out of the boat into the water," said Ky. 

Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival Parade 2022. CBS

While the Gabriel family was there to support each other and enjoy the day, Wheat Ridge Police were out in full force to make their presence known and protect parade goers like the Gabriels. 

"Unfortunately, with some of the things that have happened in and around the country, law enforcement has had to change their stance," said Wheat Ridge Police Commander Lucas Hunt. 

He says the police have always been at the parade but now thanks to events like the Highland Park Parade shooting in Illinois, they are keeping a keen eye out for any type of threat. 

Police presence at Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival parade. CBS

"We have to now think about what are the potential security concerns for law enforcement and for fire," said Commander Hunt. 

While police were doing their jobs, parade goers seemed to hardly notice, especially the Gabriels, who loved the parade and appreciate the police who are making sure they have a safe and enjoyable day. 

"I'm just focused on the parade, but I think it's great that they are here and kind of keeping things rolling correctly," said Naomi. 

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