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Caravan Full Of Chemicals From Suspect's Apartment Destroyed

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - Police and federal agents took a caravan full of cars with chemicals from the apartment of James Holmes to a site east of Aurora to be destroyed on Saturday evening.

Holmes is the suspect in the mass shooting that took place Friday at an Aurora movie theater.

Shannon Youngquist-Lucy with Aurora police said crews were able to remove all the hazardous materials from Holmes' apartment. They were taken to an undisclosed location to be destroyed.

Crews perform what's called a "counter charge" to dispose of the hazardous material. It's a three-step process where the materials are buried, blown up with explosives, and then burned.

All evacuated residents were allowed to return to their homes with the exception of those who live in Holmes' building. That building will remain secure for the purpose of preserving evidence.

The only remaining street closure is in the 1600 block of Paris.

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