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Buck Pulled From Ditch Twice Amid Urban Hunting Proposal

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) - Colorado Parks & Wildlife officials had to rescue a buck twice from the same ditch on the same day.

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(credit: CBS)

They say they got a call from a concerned neighbor on Tuesday who saw two bucks fighting. One ended up pushing the other into the ditch.

When officers saw the same buck still in the ditch on Wednesday, they intervened.

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(credit: CBS)

They first tranquilized the buck and pulled it out of the ditch and watched it walk away slowly.

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(credit: CBS)

It was only moments later when they saw that same buck back in the ditch. Officers rescued the buck a second time by lassoing its antlers.

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(credit: CBS)

The incident adds to what CPW officials are worried about -- the deer overpopulation within city limits.

They are proposing urban hunting to the county commission in hopes of mitigating the problem.

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(credit: CBS)

"We have a high accident rate with the deer in the city, and we need to start reducing that as best as possible," said Corey Adler, an officer with Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

The recommendation proposes bow hunting on certain days and in certain areas like open spaces and parks.


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