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'I Think We Hit The Lottery': Broncos Country Eager To See What New Management Does

DENVER (CBS4) - It's a conversation being had by many people around the state. Coloradans curious to see what the new Denver Broncos ownership will mean for them, after it was announced Walmart heir and billionaire Robson Walton would now be the new man running the show.

"There's been discussion of the new ownership and excitement in that," said Jason Bilodeaux, the owner of Over Yonder Brewing Company. "I just hope they can keep good revenue coming through here."

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From an economic standpoint, experts like Metro State senior lecturer Darrin Duber-Smith said this sale is a win-win. Duber-Smith said that's because Walton is a billionaire, and many billionaires inherit their money, and they aren't necessarily interested in turning a profit.

"We get to keep our team. We have an owner who's never going to ask us for dollar. I would be surprised if any prices go up," he said. "They're going to be much more interested in building a winning franchise. They spend most of their time giving their money away, and running foundations and philanthropies like that. They're going to be interested in I think more community-minded things. Of course they're going to want to make money, but profit isn't going to be at the center piece. "

Duber-Smith said he wouldn't be surprised if later down the road this brings the city a new stadium or even a sports district. Again, he believes us footing the bill is unlikely.

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"To have a billionaire that wants to come in and just assume all the responsibility, I think we hit the lottery," he said.

A lottery that business owners like Bilodeaux hope will bring more opportunity for businesses like his.

"We definitely have fans in the area that love the Broncos, so that foot traffic will be great to have around," said Bilodeaux.


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