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Breckenridge Hikers Surprised By Mountain Troll

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – His name is Isak Heartstone. He sits at a pile of rocks along a hiking trail in Breckenridge. Visitors have to walk about 1.3 miles before glimpsing the 15-foot tall troll.

(credit CBS)

"It looks like someone was putting together shingles on a house and they had an awesome idea," said one of Isak's visitors.

(credit CBS)

Isak Heartstone is made of shingles, and fallen trees recycled from the forest area where he sits. He's building a stone cairn, used to guide hikers. He's inspired his visitors to make cairns too, they surround his resting spot.

Isak Heartstone
(credit Breck Create)

"I like the hair," another of his visitors told CBS4.

(credit CBS)

His hair is made of twigs, and he sits near a bridge, like the trolls in Scandinavian folklore. After all, he is of Danish decent. Isak Heartstone is the creation of Danish artist, Thomas Dambo. Dambo has built 39 giant trolls at locations across the world. The artist's website says that the project is designed to bring art out of the museum, to highlight beautiful, overlooked nature spots, and to provide a different and exciting experience.

(credit CBS)

"Isak is a pretty tough troll," Nicole Dial-Kay of Breck Create, the organization that commissioned Isak.

LINK: Learn more about Isak Heartstone

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