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Aurora May Lift Citywide Ban On Pit Bulls

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Eight years ago the city of Aurora banned pit bulls, but they may allow the breed back within city limits soon.

The breed is one of a handful that are currently not allowed.

The Aurora City Council will meet on Tuesday to propose overturning the ban. It's a move that Vietnam War veteran Allen Grider has been hoping for since the ban took effect.

Grider even went as far as filing lawsuit against the city.

Due to the ban the city took Grider's dog, Precious, from him a few years ago.

"They took her out of my house for no reason," said Grider.

Precious had been his service dog for about 10 years.

"She would come in in the middle of the night when I was having PTSD and wake me up and take me out of the mood I was in," said Grider.

The city of Aurora labeled her an aggressive and dangerous pit bull.

"She was my heart my soul. That dog was everything to me," said Grider.

Grider appealed the lower court's decision to the 10th Circuit and settled in the appellate court with Aurora and Denver. The case was voluntarily settled by all parties. Grider's dog was given back to him after The Animal Law Center threatened an injunction and a stipulation reached at the time the lawsuit was filed.

"She was a very good dog," said Grider.

The city is now looking to overturn the ban.

Councilwoman Renee Peterson is behind the push for overturning the ban. She said the issue is about responsible pet ownership and not about the breed.

Some city officials say there have been positives since the ban was instated. In 2005 the city reported 35 bite reports and now only sees a few per year.

Though Grider now has a new service dog after Precious died last year, he still thinks the ban should be lifted.

"A dog is how people raise it," said Grider.

Instead of the ban, Peterson proposes to strengthen the city's vicious dog ordinances by increasing fines for dog bites and attacks.

The meeting will be open to the public at the Aurora City Council building Tuesday afternoon.

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