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Would-Be Burglar Thwarted After Pulling Door Marked 'Push'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Ever walk up to a door, give it a tug, then realize you're supposed to push, to get it open?

Well that's exactly what happened to a would-be burglar in Wicker Park who was caught on video tugging and tugging on an unlocked door that he just could not seem to open.

CBS 2's Mike Parker reports the many bars and clubs in Wicker Park are not only attracting hip young singles, they are also drawing some bad guys.

A surveillance camera was rolling at sunrise Friday morning, as a would be burglar forced his way into the secured temporary warming vestibule at the Shambles Bar.

Bar owner Joe Lin and Parker watched the seven minutes of video showing that criminal at work.

"He's looking through the glass to see if there's anyone inside," said Lin.

The bad guy's first order of business: dismantling the lock.

"He had a tool when he came in, so he's obviously prepared and done it before," said Lin.

Within a minute or two, the lock is destroyed. Now it's time for brute force. Over and over again, he pulls on the door with all his might. The jarring knocks over a security bar planted against the glass door.

He should be able to step right in but he keeps pulling and tugging. Maybe he can't read. Right there on the door is a simple sign with one word: push. But he keeps pulling, then he admits defeat and disappears into the winter morning.

Now there are chains on the damaged door and a plan by the owner to install an alarm system and motion detector.

"This time we just have a recording of it that it happened. Next time we'll know that it's actually happening in a moment so I can do something about it," said Lin.

Joe Lin doesn't have to warn the owner of the Small Bar across the street. The same morning somebody tried to break in there and damaged its glass door.

Three other businesses and restaurants had their locks broken and were robbed in the area just weeks ago.

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