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Walter's Perspective: Washington Street Bike Plan Could Create Gridlock

(CBS) -- When the bad weather goes away and better weather comes and I'm riding my bike downtown, I'll think, 'Thank you, Mr. Mayor of Chicago,' for being a bike-rider kind of guy who's providing a bike lane downtown on Washington Street at Daley Plaza.

I can't wait for the pedal, but I'm worried about the jam.

The mayor's plan for Washington Street is to make space for bikes and buses by reducing these five lanes to just two. All the cars in line the right, waiting to turn, will force the moving traffic into one lane.

You sure, sir, you want to do that? Jam up the Loop, inconvenience people in cars for who knows how long, create a gridlock of the world?

It's OK to dream, as you say you do, of making Chicago the biking capitol of the world. But before you actually do it, your honor, please wake up.

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