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Walter's Perspective: Lawmakers Selling Us Out

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The best news I saw during the holiday weekend was about members of our Illinois General Assembly in Springfield being caught by the Better Government Association – selling themselves to the ComEd and Ameren power companies.

They were given more than $1 million by those companies, then passed a law to allow the companies to raise our electric bills.

The leaders of the Democrats in Springfield pocketed $76,000, while the leaders of the Republicans took in more than $145,000.

Then they led their parties to vote the way that ComEd and Ameren wanted them to vote – insisting, of course, that they do not vote for money.

Maybe they don't. Maybe it's just a coincidence that of the 98 members in the General Assembly who voted for the power companies, 90 of them took power company cash, helping themselves to big bundles – not caring a whit what it may cost us.

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