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Walter: Illinois Already Full Of Do-Nothing Politicians

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Congratulations to us -- all of us of Illinois.

Our state is more famous than ever before. Not only are we the great state of political corruption, now we're the great state of political escape, the one in which politicians from other states are hiding.

When elected officials don't want to do what they're paid to do -- in Wisconsin, for example, Indiana, and tomorrow, maybe Ohio -- when they'd rather hide than work, they're coming to Illinois. They don't like proposals in their states to reign in the power of big labor, so they're leaving their states to lie low in Illinois.

I spied one on TV the other day at a bar in Chicago, a state senator from Wisconsin burping about how it's good for Wisconsin that some senators are not even considering those proposals, how better it is to stash themselves in Illinois so there's not a quorum in the state assembly in Wisconsin, so there can't be a vote.

So Illinois is now America's poster state of Great Escape. 

Trouble is, we have enough politicians not doing what we pay them to do.

So I vote for not letting new ones in and to kick the ones who are in out.

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