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Vets Working To Save Dogs Found In Steger Coach House

(CBS) -- Vets are working furiously to save the animals found living with a squatter in a south suburban coach house, reports CBS 2's Roseanne Tellez.

One dog has died, and CBS 2 has been told two more are beyond help. The animals were discovered last Friday, but the surgeries and other treatments continue today.

Vets here at Ridge Animal Clinic in Lansing say one dog was infested with maggots and fleas and had staples in his head. The vets there have treated 28 animals so far, and the rescuers have treated dozens more.

They've also fielded calls from the man cited for animal cruelty.

"When he calls me, I hear tons of dogs barking in the background, so we have not done anything except probably take the worst of the worst and he's got some at a different location," said Pinky Janota of the Settlement Pond Exotic Animal Rescue.

Steger Police cited 60 year old Chester L. Slenk with animal cruelty, keeping dogs without rabies vaccinations or licenses, keeping chickens in a residence- and having a marijuana plant.

Based on what she saw in this filthy coach house where the animals were found, Janota thinks Slenk should face criminal charges.

Steger police say they plan to make that determination after talking with Slenk and the vets.

Slenk apparently once lived with the former owner of the property where he was found. Tellez contacted her and she described Slenk as having a love for animals that may have gotten out of control.

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