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Stylish Storage Ideas For The Summer Months

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Kids are on summer vacation, or nearly there.

And if you're trying to minimize the kid clutter, there are affordable and beautiful options out there.

Joining CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot in the studio is Maureen Smithe, a buyer and designer for Walter E. Smithe furniture.

"I'm a mother of six so I know a thing or two about trying to keep clutter at bay," said Smithe. "It's a daily struggle."

One item, designed by Walter E. Smithe, is a coffee table with storage drawers and a lid that can pop-up to provide space for a child to play or draw while leaving room for more storage underneath.

Stylish outdoor furniture can come inside to prevent permanent messes.

"We have these dining chairs in our home. Technically they're outdoor chairs," said Smithe. "The kids spill something on them, you take them out and hose them off, put them back in the house and you're good to go."

For more information on the furnishings and other ideas for the home, visit the Walter E. Smithe website.

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