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Lovey Heads Home: Local Mom Helps Boy Reunite With Stuffed Animal

by Wendy Widom

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago-area boy will be reunited with his beloved elephant stuffed animal, thanks to the power of social media and a local mom.

Matthew, who lives on Chicago's North Shore, has been snuggling his "Lovey" since he was born, four years ago.

(Photo: Vicki S.)

While traveling home from a vacation in Grand Cayman, Matthew accidentally left the stuffed animal in a hotel room.

Matthew's mother posted a plea for help in a mom's group on Facebook. "I ran into one of our neighbors on our flight home and just knew in my heart that these ladies would be able to help," Vicki told CBS 2.

Kathy, a local mom, was scrolling through her phone when the post caught her eye. She was in Grand Cayman and staying at the same hotel. Kathy quickly responded, saying that she would be happy to bring Lovey home to Matthew.

"I know how attached kids are to a sleepy comfort. My daughter Ava had her 'ne-ne.' She would have been sick if we lost it!" Kathy said.

Kathy snapped a photo of Lovey enjoying his extra time in paradise:

Lovey is now en route to Chicago with Kathy and her family.

Lovey traveling
(Photo: Kathy H.)

"I'm just happy to help, it's really not anything out of the ordinary. I'm sure any one of the moms would have done the same!" Kathy said.

Matthew and Lovey are expected to reunite later this week.


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