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Smart Phone Users Over Pay For Data Plans: CUB

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Smart phone users may want to take a closer look at their data plans.

Smart Phone Users Over Pay

An analysis by the Citizens Utility Board and wireless industry research firm Validas finds Illinois smart phone users are spending $194 more than they should each year on data plans.

That adds up to almost $1.5 billion.

CUB spokesman Jim Chilsen says phone users have much more data on their plans than they need.

"This analysis smashes the stereotype of smart phone users being big data hogs," Chilsen said.

Chilsen said you can check to see if your carrier has a lower data plan.

Chilsen said to "make sure your cell phone is set to use wi-fi because that does not eat up the data on your plan."

Other money-saving tips: Go with a pre-paid plan and turn off data hungry apps when you are not using them.

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