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Man killed, woman wounded, gunman dead of self-inflicted wound in shooting at Burr Ridge office complex

Man dead, woman injured in workplace shooting in suburban Burr Ridge 02:14

BURR RIDGE, Ill. (CBS) -- A man was killed, a woman was injured, and a suspect died of a self-inflicted wound in a shooting incident in a Burr Ridge office complex Tuesday afternoon.

The shooting happened at the Meadowbrook Office Park on Frontage Road along the east side of Kingery Highway, or Route 83, a short distance south of Interstate 55.

As CBS 2's Marissa Perlman reported, police are now officially calling the incident a workplace shooting.

One man was shot and killed, and one woman was shot and taken to Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove in an unknown condition.

All three people were coworkers who worked in the office complex. Police said the gunman first shot and killed the man, then shot the woman inside an office building, and then fled on foot.

The street address of 15-W-455 Frontage Rd. tracks back to a local Burr Ridge towing company, but there are multiple businesses in the building.

Following the incident, police surrounded a bobtail – or a semi-truck tractor without a trailer – that was parked at the scene on Meadowbrook Drive off Frontage Road. The truck tractor had a towing frame attached and a flat right front tire, and was cordoned off and officers were going through it.

Officers also flooded the scene looking for a gunman, at one point using K-9 officers to search the wooded area around the complex. Armed officers also broke into abandoned sheds and searched through tree and mud.

"That's how we do it – strength in numbers," said Burr Ridge police Chief John Madden.

Police also put out a call to the public for help in spotting the gunman. A 911 call tipped off the officers that the suspect was in the perimeter less than two miles from the crime scene.

As police closed on the suspect, he took his own life.

The Burr Ridge police chief said such violence does not happen often in the southwest suburb.

"Burr Ridge is a very safe community," Madden said. "Unfortunately, we're not immune to violent crime, like any community."

Police would not say how many, if any, other people were inside the office complex during the shooting. We know nearby Gower Middle School was put on lockdown during the investigation.

Dynamic situation as police investigate Burr Ridge shooting 01:00

Police late Tuesday were not releasing the identities of those involved, or the name of the business where they all worked.

We expect to learn more from police in an update Wednesday.


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