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Schuster: Game 3 Is Crucial

By David Schuster

MIAMI (WSCR) Make no mistake about it, Game 3 in this Bulls-Miami series is crucial for both teams. The Heat want to win to maintain their momentum and keep home court advantage and the Bulls want to re-establish themselves after playing a poor game on Wednesday night.

Tom Thibodeau has made no bones about what his team needs to do moving forward. He wants to rev up the offensive machine by running the ball. Obviously easier said then done but his point is well taken. The Bulls have not been executing their half court offense very well for the most part during the post season and they've had their best success when Derrick Rose is able to break free in the front court. This also will prevent the Heat from establishing their effective defense and the half court traps on Rose.

Look for Rose to (pun intended) take the Bull by the horns and move at light speed from the opening tip. Thibodeau has been pounding it into Rose's head for the last 48 hours and the last time he did so Rose came out in Game 3 of the Atlanta series and had 44 points (17 in the opening quarter).

Also, when the Bulls are not able to run, look for them to pound the ball into Carlos Boozer in the post and establish his presence early. Boozer along with Kyle Korver are two huge offensive keys going forward. The Bulls need Boozer to take some of the scoring load off of Rose and Korver has got to make shots to justify his existence on the court.

Make no mistake, game 3 wont be easy because the Heat will be energized by their loud home crowd. But even though they have a few great players they also have big time weaknesses and Thibodeau knows it. Now it's time for the Bulls to take advantage and regain the upper hand in this series.

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