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Protesters Plan To Shut Down Dan Ryan Expressway

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's illegal on both state and federal levels to shut down an expressway, but Saturday there is a planned protest to do just that on the Dan Ryan at noon. Police plan to step in if violence and looting start.

The march will start on 47th and head north and finish at Grant Park. It's normally one of the busiest stretches of the Dan Ryan. Local, county, state and federal law enforcement will be keeping watch.

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Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef said he is part of at least six groups that will march with the singular focus of calling attention to police brutality.

"We're not getting justice based on law enforcement murdering our family members," he said.

In 2018 protesters marched in the same area to combat gun violence. Civil rights activist Father Michael Pfleger led the march then, but he will not be part of the protest Saturday. However, he wishes demonstrators well.

When word got out about shutting down the expressway again backlash on social media followed.

"Threats of people who were going to bring a truck to run us over. We have heard there would be body harm to us," Yosef said.

He says he has shared the threats with law enforcement, and despite that, he expects at least 2,200 people to rally and then march on the expressway.

Chicago police say they are working with the city and state and federal partners for the march. State police are not saying how large closures could be or specific exits or ramps involved but added they will ensure the safety of drivers and protect the rights of those seeking to peacefully protest.

Peace and civility is also something Yosef emphasized.

"This is a nonviolent demonstration," he said.

Yosef said he plans to file a police report about those threats, but he hopes they are only empty threats and law enforcement will be out there to make sure that's the case.

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