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Plainfield Woman Fights To Change Wisconsin Intentional Homicide Law

(CBS) -- Drunk is no excuse for murder. That's one Plainfield woman's message to lawmakers as she fights to change a law that could allow her daughter's alleged killer to go free.

CBS 2's Dana Kozlov explains in this original report.

Sherry Anicich is surrounded by memories of her daughter Alisha Bromfield and her unborn grandaughter, Ava. Both were murdered a year and a half ago in Door County Wisconsin, allegedly at the hands of Brian Cooper, Bromfield's boss.

"After he strangled her, he raped her," said Anicich. "He raped her every way."

Cooper was arrested after calling 911 and confessing to the crime.

Despite that call and reports of a confession to police, a Wisconsin jury could not convict him because of a law that basically states intoxicated offenders cannot form intent. Cooper claimed he was drunk and the jury was hung.

"When it was a hung jury I just left and change this law and got in my car and said to my husband we are changing this law. I do not want another family to go through this," said Anicich.

It's her mission. She and her supporters have collected more than 10,000 signatures for the change. It's passed a house committee and she's speaking to a senate group Wednesday.

"That's what keeps me going is her love," said Anicich.

Others have tried to change the law before, but failed. Meantime, Cooper sits in jail. His retrial is scheduled to begin this May.

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