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Pastors Issue Letter To Members Of Congress Calling For Hearings On Wrong Raids

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The incident in February 2019 in which Anjanette Young was handcuffed naked in her home was one of dozens of wrong raids by Chicago Police that the CBS 2 Investigators have been tracking over the last two years.

Now, some pastors are putting the pressure on lawmakers to hold congressional hearings.

There were nearly 7,000 raids by Chicago Police in the timeframe CBS 2 examined. Most happened in Black and Brown communities.

"This is deplorable, it is egregious, and certainly as a faith leader, it's morally wrong," said the Rev. Ira Acree.

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In a letter to four Illinois congressmen, the religious leaders wrote in part: "The nation needs to hear of these violations of civil rights in the heartland of America. We must not expect people to suffer in silence any longer."

U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (D-Illinois) said he is pleased Mayor Lightfoot apologized, but that's not enough.

"It's going to take changes – procedural policy changes that say certain kinds of things will not happen anymore," Davis said.

The group will meet privately with Rep. Davis on Thursday.

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