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New Documentary Slams Popular Pet Food Brands

(CBS) -- "Pet Fooled," a new documentary showing in Chicago on Tuesday night, blasts the top-selling pet foods as being unhealthy for your dog or cat.

Veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker said corn, wheat and soy are the primary ingredients in popular commercial pet foods, and not because they are good for pets, but because they are less expensive.

"All in all, they live sicker lives for much longer because we're not nourishing them the way that nature intended," Becker says.

Instead, she recommends a diet of fresh or frozen raw meat. Although this type of meal plan can be pricey, it is not dependent upon your pet's age or weight, and is one that pet owner Stephanie Fargo abides by.

"I feel like I'm saving money on vet bills because they've been so healthy for 11 years," Fargo says.

Chicago veterinarian Barbara Royal said the most important decision you can make for your pet is what you put in their food bowl. According to Royal, kibble-style food can lead to dental disease, diabetes, arthritis, allergies and obesity.

"I see the pounds fall off when they're feeding a biologically appropriate diet with less carbohydrates," Royal said, and urges anyone who's pet is facing cancer to not give up until they try a new diet. Examples of recipes for making your own pet food can be found on The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center's website.

The one pet food company that returned our call directed us to the Pet Food Industry, which said in a statement: "Pet Fooled" repackages baseless and tired assertions, propagates inaccuracies and spreads myths about pet food. Our members are committed to supporting your pet's long and healthy life."

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