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Man Charged After Surrendering In Incident Where Shots Were Fired On McCormick Place Metra Platform

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A suspect has been charged after surrendering in connection with an incident where shots were fired with a collapsible rifle on the McCormick Place Metra platform.

Shawn A. Kimbrough, 40, of Chicago, was charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, possession of a firearm without a Firearm Owners Identification Card and reckless discharge of a firearm, Metra police said.

He will appear for a bond hearing at Cook County Criminal Court on Tuesday.

Kimbrough surrendered to Metra police on Monday morning after a request for public information and assistance in the case, which ended up identifying him as a suspect, police said.

Metra police then negotiated the terms of Kimbrough's surrender with his attorney.

Video was released this past Wednesday of the man, who had just stepped off a train when he fired the rifle.

Around 10:20 a.m. on Dec. 1, a man got off a northbound Metra Electric District train at the McCormick Place station, pulled out a collapsible rifle from his backpack, and fired a single shot while standing on the platform, according to the FBI and Metra Police.

It was unclear who or what he might have been shooting at, but no one was injured.

Sources told CBS 2's Marissa Parra the man entered the Metra Electric line at the Museum Campus stop in Grant Park, a short distance north of where he went on to hop off and fire the rifle.

Video showed the man stumbling his way onto the train at 11th Street and Michigan Avenue. As the mystery man gets off the train at McCormick Place, the stumbling continues.

"When you watch the video, you do see that this individual does have an unusual gait," FBI public affairs officer Special Agent Siobhan Johnson said last week. "We'd look at that gait and say that perhaps it's possible this person was under the influence of some type of substance."

It was unclear whom or what the man might have been shooting at, but no one was injured.

The man then placed the rifle back into his bag and exited the station. Chicago Police and Metra Police searched the area for the gunman, but could not find him.

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