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Lake County Biologists Say Re-Introduced Frog Species Appears To Be Doing Well

(CBS) -- This is the start of wildlife monitoring season in the Lake County Forest Preserves and so far biologists near Libertyville have discovered some signs that a re-introduced species may be doing all right.

When we caught up with wildlife biologist Gary Glowacki, he was standing in knee-deep water at the Old School Forest Preserve.

As the wildlife monitoring season begins, he's been looking for amphibians, mostly.


Not far from there, he found a species that had faded from the landscape, its habitat was crowded out: a wood frog.

Glowacki says the cold weather has made the search difficult.

"We had a thin sheet of ice on all the wetland systems, but we were able to get quite a few salamanders and documented a wood frog, which is the result of one of our reintroduction projects with the Lincoln Park Zoo," he says.

Glowacki doesn't want to say exactly where he found the wood frog, because the Lake County Forest Preserve is afraid commercial amphibian trackers will try to find it.

For more photos of Lake County wildlife, visit the Lake County Forest Preserve's Instagram page,

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