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Joniak's Journal: McCown Not Letting Success Go To His Head

By Jeff Joniak

First Impression

It was quarterback Thursday at the podium at Halas Hall, and Sunday's starter against the Ravens handled questions for better than 18 minutes. Josh McCown provided thoughtful insight into all things "backup" QB.  Not only does he handle his business on the field with a professional flair, he does it off the field. The man is consistent. It's also one of the things head coach Marc Trestman values in McCown. Given his performance over six-plus quarters running the offense, a few bouquets throw in McCown's direction feels good.  Trestman just doesn't want it to feel too good.  According to McCown, Trestman calls it the "success flu."

"I know myself as a man I get prideful and oh that feels good. I have to be careful at staying present, "McCown said.

Second Thought

So what is the "success flu"?  Trestman cracked everyone up today, when he compared the success a player might enjoy and people are telling you how good you are to a flu one needs to get vaccinated to prevent. "We have some syringes available and we vaccinate them and that stabilizes them to be more even-keeled and recognize that these guys around them, these coaches and players, are the reason why they are having this kind of opportunity to execute at a high level on the field," said Trestman. It makes perfect sense, and the 34-year-old McCown understands it better than anyone at this point in his life and his career.

Third Degree

Offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Aaron Kromer took full credit for the poor rushing numbers against the Lions.  "I have to help them with the scheme, and I have to help them with the technique," Kromer said. "We felt it was what we worked on, but we didn't do a very good job with it." There's a fine line between big plays and no gain, and Kromer said they had to pitch the run game against the Lions. It will not be any easier to run the ball against the Ravens version of the 3-4.  Kromer said from footwork, to hand placement, point of attack etc., the points of emphasis and technique with each run and against each front they might see from the Ravens, with the entire offense, not just the offensive line this week.

4th and Short

Who do you think Kromer is talking about in this quote? "He's productive every time he walks on the grass, whether it's practice, or walk-through, his footwork is right, his depth is right, his demeanor is right, he runs the right routes. When you have a guy like that, others follow."  Second year receiver Alshon Jeffrey is turning heads and making an impact.


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