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Homeowners Near O'Hare Meet With City Officials On Jet Noise

(CBS) -- Some around O'Hare resident got a chance Monday to vent their frustrations about noise to city officials.

Jeanne Otero has lived in Wood Dale 25 years and says things were fine until 2013.

"It's like the airport moved to me, not me move to the airport," she said.


Otero says a change in flight patterns creates unbearable living conditions in her home.

"I have been soundproofed and they still wake me up all night," she said. "When I was taking shower to come here, during the shower there were four planes that went over and I heard every one of them. So that tells you how frequent it is and how loud it is even soundproofing."

She says plane noise hits 100 decibels in her driveway. Otero was on of a couple dozen residents who met with city officials to share their frustrations hoping some changes could be made.

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