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City Workers Install Speed Bumps After Hegewisch Residents Tell CBS 2 That Semi-Trailer Trucks Are 'Terrorizing' Their Lives

CHICAGO (CBS) -- CBS 2 is getting results for some Chicagoans who say their street is packed with semi-trailer trucks - and they're worried about their own safety.

A Hegewisch community resident shared with us a video showing city workers installing a new speed bump along 134th Street. It arrived just days after we reported on their concerns.

Neighbors say semi-trucks have taken over their neighborhood, ignoring traffic laws and putting lives at risk.

"Here you see he's coming down and completely rips some branches off," resident Melissa Ramirez told CBS 2's Marissa Parra last week. "They weren't just small branches. They were the heavy branches that could have hit somebody."

It's illegal for trucks over 5 tons to drive in the neighborhood. But after seven years of living here, Ramirez says the issue was showing no signs of slowing.

"It hasn't slowed down," she told Parra. "in fact, it's picked up because there's no enforcement to stop it," she said.

The city told us they will be installing a total of three speed bumps there by next month.

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