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City, Hospitals Report Dozens Of Heat-Related Illnesses

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Dozens have been hospitalized due to heat-related illness.

Chicago Fire Department officials said across the city Saturday, ambulances have responded to 36 heat-related calls.

Since Friday, there have been 74 calls and hospitals are reporting 29 emergency room visits related to heat the heat.

Thirteen of the incidents were for exhaustion and four for heat stroke.

Pitchfork Music Festival was evacuated.

Before the evacuation, Pitchfork music festival used CTA cooling buses to fight the heat.

There have been a near-constant rotation of people getting on and off the handful of busses taking advantage of the air conditioning inside.

At these festivals, there's always access to alcohol. Alcohol mixed with the sun is always cause for concern but hydration stations hope to offset that.

One major benefit that's helping conditions here is how this park is organized. Union Park has plenty of shade and lots of people taking advantage of that.

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