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Good Samaritan Rescues Bicyclist Pinned Under Truck

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A quick-thinking South Loop auto shop worker came to the aid of a woman who was hit by a truck Wednesday morning.

The woman was riding her bike near Roosevelt Road and Canal Street, when a pickup truck making a turn struck her, according to witnesses. She ended up pinned under the truck, and was having trouble breathing.

That's when Aaron Proctor, who works at a nearby Midas shop, ran to get a two-ton hand jack, and came out to lift the truck off the woman within a minute or so.

"She was aware the whole time, but she was in a lot of distress," Proctor said. "She was pretty mangled up under the truck. She was conscious. I was asking her if she knew her name, what day it was, if she can feel her feet. You know, just make sure all of that was good to keep her alive, and at least awake and not going into shock."


Paramedics and firefighters arrived a short time later to take the woman to the hospital.

"I'm just part of the entire scheme of things, trying to help somebody. You know, everybody played their part today," he said. "Somebody needs help, you've got to help them."

The woman's condition was not immediately available.

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