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Girl, 9, Acts Quickly In Runaway Vehicle When Mom Has Medical Emergency

NEW LENOX, Ill. (CBS) -- A nine year old south suburban girl may have saved her mother's life and her own when the adult suffered a medical emergency.

CBS 2's Mike Parker reports.

Little Aleksandra "Alex" Sheridan of New Lenox proudly shows off a stuffed Golden Duck given to her by police.

"It's like an award for being a hero and saving my mother's life," she explains.

Alex and her diabetic mother Jennifer are treasuring their time together. Last week, they were headed to McDonald's in the family's Volkswagen Beetle when Jennifer suffered a severe low blood-sugar episode. The drive was harrowing.

"I don't remember passing our house, I don't remember hitting Route 30. I don't remember anything after that," Jennifer says.

For 25 minutes, she drove erratically into Frankfort. Little Alex was beside her, absolutely frightened.

"We went through a red light and she was going over 70 miles an hour," the little girl says.

In Frankfort, the car went up over a curb and was headed for a collision with a tree. Alex reached toward the ignition key.

"We were about to hit a tree so I turned the key off," Alex says.

She says she knew that would stop the car, and it did.

The collision was averted, and an ambulance and police arrived quickly.

"She's amazing," Jennifer says of her daughter. "I think about the 'what ifs' and she made those 'what ifs' not happen."

Two years ago, Alex's mom had a previous low blood-sugar incident and 911 had to be called.  Who made that call?  Alex, who was then only seven.

Jennifer has now had an insulin pump installed. Hopefully, she's had her last such incident.

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