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Florio: Lovie Should Have Been Fired With Angelo

(WSCR) Add Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio to the list of people who don't understand what the Bears are doing.

According to Florio, when the Bears fired general manager Jerry Angelo, they should have fired head coach Lovie Smith, too.

"It's just such a backwards process," he said. "You keep your head coach, you drag your feet to hire a general manager, and then the general manager's hands are going to be tied. How are you really going to get the best man for the job when, as he walks thought the door, he knows he can't change the head coach? That is just such a shortsighted approach. I haven't agreed with it from the moment Jerry Angelo was fired. If you're going to fire the GM, you have to fire the coach."

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The Bears GM seach has been narrowed down to two candidates -- Jason Licht from the Patriots and Phil Emery of the Chiefs.

"I've heard that down at the Senior Bowl, from one of my moles down there, Phil Emery is telling people that he's getting the job, but no body believes him," Florio said.

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