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Evanston Police Release Video Showing Officers Fatally Shooting Gunman In Deadly Shooting Spree

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Evanston police have released camera footage of the end of a deadly shooting spree earlier this month, showing officers fatally shooting the gunman who had killed four people and wounded three others in Chicago and Evanston.

Jason Nightengale, 32, killed four people and injured three more in a Jan. 9 shooting spree from the East Hyde Park neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago to north suburban Evanston.

Evanston police officers shot and killed Nightengale outside a Dollar General store on Howard Street and Western Avenue, after he had shot a woman he had taken hostage at an IHOP across the street on the Evanston side.

Video released by Evanston police shows both dashboard camera footage and body camera footage of the end of the shooting spree. The footage shows Nightengale fleeing from police, running across Howard Street, before officers open fire. Nightengale collapsed just outside the Dollar General store.

During the chase, an officer can be heard yelling at Nightengale.

"Get down on the ground. Come here! Get down on the ground right now!" the officer shouts.


The videos show several officers fired at Nightengale, although it's unclear how many officers actually hit him.

Officers began chasing Nightengale just after he had taken 61-year-old Marta Torres hostage at the nearby IHOP, and shot her in the neck. She died of her injuries one week later.

Marta Torres
Marta Torres (Credit: Torres Family)

Earlier in the day, Nightengale shot six other people, killing three of them.

The shooting spree began just beyond the doors of the parking garage at the Regents Park building, 5035 S. East End Ave., at 1:50 p.m.

Police said Nightingale slipped in and killed University of Chicago Ph.D. student Yiran Fan, 30, who was just sitting behind the wheel of his car.

Across the street and a block to the north at The Barclay condo complex, 4940 S. East End Ave., police said Nightengale shot two women, killing doorwoman Aisha Johnson, 46, and wounding a 77-year-old woman who was getting her mail.

From there, he stole a red Toyota – demanding a man's keys at gunpoint on the 19th floor of an Indian Village residential high-rise – before making his way south.

Nightengale ended up at the AK Food Mart, 9307 S. Halsted St. Inside, police said he shot and killed Anthony Faulkner Jr., 20, about an hour and 45 minutes after killing Johnson. He also shot the 81-year-old clerk, leaving her in critical condition.

Police said Nightengale went on to shoot a 15-year-old girl who was in the back seat of a car in the 10300 block of South Halsted Street, and then drove back by the AK Food Mart where he fired at officers investigating his earlier shooting but did not strike anyone.

Anthony Faulkner Jr., Aisha Johnson, Yiran Fan
Anthony Faulkner Jr., Aisha Johnson, Yiran Fan (Supplied to CBS 2)

Surveillance video shows Nightengale driving off in the red Toyota, but on police radio, his vehicle description was inconsistent – in one instance being described as a gray car with tinted windows.

It ended up being a ShotSpotter call that alerted police that Nightengale had made his way to Evanston, where he had taken Torres hostage and shot her at the IHOP before he was finally shot and killed by police.

The victims were apparently shot at random – from the Indian Village district in East Hyde Park-Kenwood, to South Halsted Street in the Brainerd and Fernwood communities, and finally to the line between the West Rogers Park neighborhood and Evanston many miles away.

Nightengale, 32, had no apparent motive. But he hinted to his plans on his now-disabled social media accounts. He documented his own reckless driving on video and said he was going to be on TV.

Chicago Police said Nightengale's erratic behavior and apparently random targets are what made him so difficult to track.

Jason Nightengale
(Supplied to CBS 2)

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