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'We Can All Do Something To Make It Better': Englewood Residents On Working Tirelessly To Fight Crime

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Many communities in Chicago live with the fear of gun violence every day.

CBS 2's Jim Williams spoke to people who work every day to curb shootings.

For 40 years, Helen Williams has lived in Englewood and sees her community through a wide lens.

"We're plagued in Englewood with senseless murders and most of them are aimed at our children and it's sad. Really sad," Williams said. "But we do a lot of things in Englewood people don't see that are good things."

Take this past Saturday: The community gave scholarships to several college students from Englewood. what does that say about the community. One resident had an answer.

"We keep moving. We keep moving. We keep celebrating."

Asiasha Butler of the Resident Association of Greater Englewood (RAGE) said while no one sugar coats violence in Englewood, she and her neighbors are not paralyzed by fear.

There's simply too much at stake.

"If I put all my energy towards worrying, I would drive myself crazy," Butler said. "So I put my energy towards peace. I put my energy towards love. I put my energy towards resilience."

Resilience that sustains Helen Williams, who has a nonprofit. What keeps her going?

"Love. Love for my neighborhood. The love for mankind," Williams said.

"Today I got up. I went to the gym, I do it every day. I have my coffee today. I walked my dog today. I saw the news and I said 'ok, we've got work to do.'"

The news of two police officers shot at 63rd and Bell less than two miles from where the interview took place.

Despite the heartache, there are back-to-school events to prepare. There are beautification projects, urban farms to support.

"The folks come to the library. I see them eager to read a book, come sit down right here. I see that every day," Williams said.

And cookouts and family gatherings and common history.

"No matter what times we're living in now, we can all do something to make it better," Williams said.

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