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Emanuel Pushes For School Funding Bill Rewrite, Despite Rauner's Opposition

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Mayor Emanuel is escalating efforts to pass legislation to change the way Illinois distributes school funding, despite Governor Bruce Rauner's steadfast opposition.

Mayor Emanuel said his top priority to help Chicago Public Schools stabilize finances requires more action from Springfield. WBBM's Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports.

"What I am going to do is make sure SB-1, which is a rewrite of the funding formula, which benefits school districts will poor children and children of color, becomes the law."

But Governor Rauner has threatened to veto the measure as a Chicago bailout. The Mayor said that does not make sense since the bail grew out of a taskforce the Governor, himself created.

"The legislation was drafted, Democrats and Republicans worked on it, it meets 90-percent of your target and you are going to veto it? That means you are not serious about governing and leading the state forward."

But Governor Rauner said the legislation an unfair to Illinois taxpayers bailout to Chicago Public Schools.

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