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Elgin School Officials Investigate Substitute Teacher On Bullying Allegations

(CBS) -- A substitute teacher at Streamwood High School has been suspended and accused of helping a student harass and bully a classmate.

Parents are really upset, CBS 2's Pamela Jones reports.

Horrified – that's the best way to describe how the family of one special-needs student is feeling after a substitute teacher allegedly joined in on bullying a student in class at Streamwood High.

The student, named Stephen, recorded video on his cell phone as it was happening on Thursday. He says another student scribbled a cartoon on an electronic chalkboard and tried to write his name next to it.

But the name Stephen was misspelled. You can hear the victim correcting the spelling on the tape and then the teacher chimes in.

"I was absolutely livid," the student, freshman Stephen Davis, tells Jones. He says he has been bullied at high school because of his size.

"This is the first time the teacher has actually done it," he says.

Davis's family posted the video on YouTube to demonstrate their outrage.

The superintendent of the Elgin U-46 School District posted a response on Facebook.

He says the district knows about the video and is investigating the substitute teacher.


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