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Driver Arrested After Crash That Killed 81-Year-Old Woman Walks Free, Released Without Charges

CHICAGO (CBS)-- The driver arrested after a crash that killed an 81-year-old woman is walking free today. He was released without charges.

However, the suspect isn't off the hook yet.

The crash took place near Fullerton and Cicero over the weekend. An SUV crashed into a building and Myrna Logan, 81, was fatally struck by a car around 3:45 Saturday afternoon.

Monday morning, the 34-year-old driver was still in police custody and was later released without charges, despite witnesses telling CBS 2 they saw him try to flee the scene.

Chicago police told CBS 2 they charged the man after his arrest but those charges were dropped because the Cook County's State's Attorney Office did not approve them, pending an on-going investigation.

Maria Otero's daughter lives across the street from the Hermosa pizza parlor and was one of the witnesses who called police.

"She heard squealing tires and all that and when she heard that she ran this way and it had already happened," Otero said.

A white SUV had plowed into the side of Cochiaro's Pizza.

Apparently, taking out the sign for the bus stop directly in front of it, where witnesses believe Logan had been waiting.

A total of five people were injured. Logan died in the hospital.

Otero left flowers to Logan's memorial.

"It kind of hurt to find out that someone died in such a gruesome way, it's devastating to hear about it," Otero said. "Even though I didn't see it. I didn't know them. It touched me."

Amid the candles and flowers, a car door handle from the vehicle that hit her serves as a painful reminder of her death.

Victors to this spot have a hard time understanding why the driver was released, given that witnessed told CBS 2 he was trying to leave the scene.

"They were holding him down. He was trying to leave with his car," said Steve, who owns a business next door.

Detectives are still working to gather evidence.

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