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Dog Eats Man's Tickets To The Masters

(WSCR) Here's a story you don't hear every day.

Seattle resident Russ Berkman was all set to fly with three of his friends to Augusta, Ga. to take in Wednesday's practice round at the Masters.

Here's the problem: When Berkman came home earlier this week, he found his dog, Sierra, had eaten all four of his tickets.

Reports indicate Berkman ended up feeding his dog Hydrogen peroxide, which is safe for animals to ingest,  in an effort to get his dog to puke the tickets back up. The trick worked, leaving Berkman with a pile of puke and ticket pieces.

The nasty nature of the situation wouldn't discourage Berkman, though, as he pieced together the tickets. With partial tickets and photographic evidence, Berkman called officials at Augusta to see if they'd be willing to issue him new tickets.

Thankfully, tournament officials had a sense of humor and made it easy on Berkman, reissuing him four new tickets.

Photo Credit: KRJ Radio
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