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CPD Puts Out Trucks, Cancels Days Off As Part Of Its Chauvin Verdict Plans

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Dozens of Chicago police were in Daley Plaza as the Derek Chauvin verdict was being read.

CBS'2 Marie Saavedra reports from Chicago Police headquarters and describes the scene with what preparations are in place.

Things are generally pretty quiet. Looking down the block at 35th and South Michigan, there are trucks, about a half-dozen down the block filled to the brim with salts to get them some heft.

There are also buses, in case any to be used as some sort of barrier. CPD said it focused on putting those people strategically in neighborhoods where they might be needed.

The police department also canceled days off her detectives and other specialized units should they need a bigger response at some point Tuesday night.

CPD added that there wasn't any intelligence that led them to make those preparations, but much like the rest of the world, they watched the verdict and are watching for any response.

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