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CPD On One Of Deadliest Weekend Of Summer Shootings: 'One Act Of Violence Is One Too Many'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- This weekend, Chicago saw the second highest number of shootings and the second highest number of homicides since Memorial Day weekend.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said at least seven guns were retrieved from two sites on the West Side where several shootings took place.

"We experienced an unacceptable and disheartening level of gun violence on the West Side last night," Johnson said at a news conference in Douglas Park. "We had officers at the right place at the right times but unfortunately it didn't seem to deter anyone from engaging in this type of behavior."

*May 26:     31 shot, five dead

*June 2:      52 shot, eight dead

*June 9:      22 shot, zero dead

*June 16:     Nine shot, zero dead

*June 23:   20 shot, four dead

*June 30:   21 shot, two dead

*July 7:       67 shot, five dead

*July 12:     16 shot, three dead

*July 26:      47 shot, eight dead

*August 4:   53 shot, seven dead

Area Central detectives were still out on the latest shooting near 18th and Keeler as of late in the afternoon, Johnson said. He said some of the victims have been "quite honestly been less than forthcoming in cooperating with us."

Johnson said police were investigating whether there was a connection with a basketball game in the area earlier in the night. Police were present when it ended, but people came back and gunshots were fired, Johnson said.

Johnson said some of the incidents might have amounted to planned violence.

Between 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday morning, Ogden District officers recovered seven guns, Johnson said. But the police presence has not been a deterrence, he said.

"The point is that individuals are carrying guns to settle disputes and prey on rivals because there's no consequences to carrying guns in the city of Chicago," Johnson said. "For $1,000 and an ankle bracelet, you can walk out of jail after being arrested with military-grade assault weapons, complete with armor-piercing bullets."

Noting that he has been a Chicago Police officer for 31 years, Johnson said he has lived with and dealt with gun violence throughout his adult life. But he said he and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot cannot be the only ones decrying violence and illegal gun use in Chicago.

At the news conference, Ogden District Capt. Gilberto Calderon echoed Johnson's statements.

"One act of violence is one too many," he said.

Fifteen people were shot in two incidents on the city's West Side on Sunday - seven in a park near a playground and eight more on a nearby street in what police say may have been the result of a dispute during a basketball game earlier in the day.

One of the victims of that shooting died.

Mt. Sinai Hospital was forced to go on what is called bypass for hours after several of the gunshot victims were brought there.

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