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What We Know About Officer Eric Stillman, The CPD Officer Who Fired The Shot That Killed Adam Toledo, 13

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Chicago Police officer who fired the shot that killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Little Village has been identified as Eric Stillman.

Upon learning Stillman's name, the CBS 2 investigators went to work to find out everything about him and his history.

• Stillman is 34 years old.

• Per the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, the Chicago Police Department is his first job.

• Stillman is a patrol officer assigned to the Ogden (10th) District, a West Side district that includes Lawndale and Little Village.

• In the five-year period ending in the summer of 2020, Stillman never shot anyone and had nine "use of force" reports. That is a self-reporting mechanism - only one of those reports involved using any sort of weapon, it was a baton. Many officers have dozens of "use of force" reports, and nine is not a lot.

• In nearly three hours of video released today, this is of note - Officer Stillman, after firing the single fatal shot, started rendering aid and desperately calling for help within seconds. He seemed to be in shock as he sat on the ground and was consoled by other officers afterward, and he tried desperately to revive Adam. It was a reflection on what he clearly knew was a moment where lives changed forever.

• It is also of note that officer stillman, in his report denoted the incident as an "investigatory stop." That is a brief detention of someone suspected of being involved in a crime. While we're not sure why he marked it as such, CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini recently reported on "investigatory stops" – with regard to concerns over said practice in Chicago, and potentials for abuse. Find that report by clicking here for "Left in the Dark."

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